Financial statements and audit

Professionals at LST Associati provide advice and assistance in the preparation of companies and groups’ financial statements as well as in the analysis and drafting of economic and financial budgets in accordance with national and international accounting principles. In addition, they provide advice to the corporate governance bodies.
The professionals at LST Associati enrolled in the register of company auditors, pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 39/2010, perform control functions within boards of statutory auditors and/or boards of auditors of companies and non profit entities, also with respect to autonomous auditing activities (such as due diligence, budget analysis and control).

Extraordinary transactions

LST Associati provides assistance to its clients in extraordinary transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, transfers of business, business contributions, companies transformations, set up of joint ventures (contractual or corporate).

Taxation and tax litigation

LST Associati provides assistance to its corporate and individual clients in direct and indirect taxation,.

Professionals of LST Associati assist clients in the pre-litigation phase, with conciliative procedures and instruments able to prevent tax litigations, as well as in all phases of tax litigations, including the proceeding before the Court of Cassation.
In addition, LST Associati offers assistance and support to its clients during tax audits performed by the competent bodies.

Tax/fiscal compliance

LST Associati assists its clients in the implementation of its administrative and accounting system and offers direct account keeping services for companies and entities.

Commercial consultancy

Some of LST Associati professionals are specialised in drafting, negotiating and executing enterprise agreements regulating the production, promotion, distribution and sale of products and services (including agency, distribution, exclusive sale, franchising, copyrights, trademarks and know how licensing agreements, etc.).

Clients assistance includes the drafting, negotiating and executing any kind of enterprise agreements, from those used in the day-to-day business practice (such as agreement for sale of goods and services, supply, procurement, merchandising, sponsorship, advertising, production and distribution of multi-media works and B2B or B2C projects) to more complex and tailor made.

The assistance includes compliance activities according to consumers regulations (including the planning and development of marketing strategies and sale of products and services) and correlated matters, including unfair trade practice, misleading and comparative advertising.

Finally, client’s assistance and consultancy cover a broad range of areas of civil and commercial law, including real estate and intellectual property.

Employment law – Social security and trade – union law

Some of LST Associati professionals have deep knowledge and expertise in any Italian and European legal and regulatory issue concerning employment law, social security and trade union law. In particular:
  • Establishment and management of employment relationship
  • Termination of employment relationship
  • Union relations
  • Companies procedures – Ethic codes
  • Social security contribution and security at work
  • Employment law litigation

Civil and commercial litigation – Italian and international arbitration

LST Associati usually represents and assists clients in all litigation connected to its areas of practice (with particular reference to employment, corporate, commercial, real estate and bankruptcy litigation) before any Italian courts (ordinary or extraordinary), including Supreme Courts.

LST Associati professionals gained extensive expertise also in large-scale litigation and consumers litigation.

In addition, LST Associati professionals represent and assist clients , as lawyers or arbiters, in national and international arbitrations and in any related matters, including the enforcement of foreign judgements in Italy.

LST Associati provides assistance to its clients in all proceedings of alternate disputes resolutions (ADR).



LST Associati professionals gained significant expertise in all different areas of the competition law (Italian and European), including cartel cases, abuses of dominant position, unfair trade practice, misleading and comparative advertising.

Corporate – M&A

LST Associati assists its clients in extraordinary corporate (such as business contribution, merge, demerge, sale and purchase of companies and business, joint-ventures etc.), including reorganisation transactions connected, for instance, to successions in the company. Ad hoc teams of professionals of different departments are created in order to ensure the most efficient corporate and financial structure of the transaction.

LST Associati professionals also assist clients in the management of ordinary corporate matters such as drafting of shareholders’ meeting/board of directors’ minutes, drafting of by-laws, shareholders agreements, proxies etc.).

Bankruptcy procedures

LST Associati assists clients in insolvency situation or financial difficulties as well as suppliers and creditors of companies in financial difficulties, both in the phases preceding the bankruptcy procedure and during the bankruptcy procedures themselves. LST Associati assists its clients in drafting the agreement for the disposal of assets to creditors or third parties and other agreements among creditors.

LST assists judicial commissioners, receivers and extraordinary administrators in the course of bankruptcy procedures.


LST Associati developed a good expertise in all issues regarding energy companies, including compliance with laws and regulations and relationship with the relevant supervisory authorities. LST Associati assist clients in the planning, development and creation of electricity production plants from traditional sources or renewable sources and in the drafting and negotiation of the relevant agreements (including for transportation, distribution and storage of energy, EPC and O&M agreements). LST Associati professionals liaise with the colleagues of other departments in order to manage any aspect of the project, including the corporate, financial and administrative aspects.

Criminal law

Professionals of criminal law department provide judicial and extrajudicial legal assistance to individuals, businessmen and companies in various areas of criminal law including defense investigations civil actions within criminal proceedings for crime victims.

LST Associati professionals deal in particular with corporate criminal law, fraudulent bankruptcy and fiscal offences, crimes connected with employment, environment, planning and permits law and offences regarding intellectual property law.

Finally, LST Associati assists clients in matters concerning corporate responsibility pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/01 and in offences against the public administration, crimes against the person and the property, crimes against the honour, privacy and reputation, crimes regarding health and safety.

Banking law

LST Associati assists its clients in corporate financial transactions and debt restructuring, project financing, in financial and regulatory aspects of real estate transactions, securitisations, trade receivables and export trading transactions, drafting all the relevant documentation.

Public contracts law and procurement

LST Associati professionals assist clients, including public entities and institutions, in all areas regarding public contracts law (including public agreement concerning public work, services and supply and privatisations), transactions concerning publicly owned companies and funds and in investments made with public subsidies.